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      1. Required a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and good personal business reputation, agree with MINYE business philosophy willing to firmly cooperate long term, not one-sided pursuit of immediate benefits.
      2. Have Industrial and commercial business required documents, including business license, tax registration certificate, legal qualifications.etc...
      3. Have the funds required for the normal operation and standard office.
      4. Agree with and obey the relevant market management policies, service standards Treaty settlement policy, advertising and promotional programs, which published by MINYE Co.,Ltd.
      5. In accordance with MINYE requirements and develop a professional marketing organization and marketing team.
      6. With a strong networking capabilities and management skills, marketing skills, good customer service awareness and service capabilities.
      7. Cooperate with MINYE Co.,Ltd actively to carry out the distribution area of advertising, public relations and promotional activities, and are willing to afford part of the advertising, public relations and promotional costs.
      8. Ensure to complete MINYE product distribution area of sales quotas and other marketing objectives (such as market share, distribution net construction target, etc.), maintaining the brand influence, market share continued to grow steadily.
      9. Pay the required amount of margin; achieve the company first purchase quantitative requirements, and complete quarterly and annual sales tasks.

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